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    Foraging, at Home and on the Trail

    The tiny “lawn” patch that came with the pad we rent, is a literal power-patch!  We create a poster now each spring of what it appears will be growing there. Today was the third harvest since that poster went up, and. . . This pic shows most of the result: 1 long tray of mustard weed, the equivalent of 2 trays’ worth of horsetail, a tray of pineapple weed, 4 trays of prickly lettuce, and 3 trays of dandelion. I have at least one tray’s worth of broadleaf plantain waiting to be hand washed, but the washing machine is using…

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    Edible Scotch Thistle, It’s Uses, and Harvesting and Preparing it

    One of the wild herbs we are starting to get into using more of in regular meals, is the Scotch Thistle. This grows all over the barn where we keep my daughter’s horse, and the barn owner regularly tries to get rid of it every year.  Last year, Ashley took some glam shots of some of the really tiny ones that just seemed to have SO much personality! Here is one of them. As a member of the thistle family, it is really good at supporting one’s liver and contains Silymarin just like the other thistles do. According to a…

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    Today’s Foraging Run Almost Got Cancelled!

    So today’s foraging run was supposed to have been cancelled due to largely having run out of space to dry stuff at home! Then we attended the May 25th fair down in Kettle Valley, and discovered that to replenish some of our teas before June 9th’s wellness fair at the Laurel, we’d run out of Pasture Sage! We did VERY well at the Kettle Valley event! So we couldn’t let this week go by without seeing if we could find any Pasture Sage in one of our foraging zones where we know it grows. While the sage is indeed growing,…

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    Today’s Foraging Workshop and a Lightning Strike!

    So we ran our first foraging workshop today with one attendee, taking her to a trail often frequented by other foragers, but that we hadn’t scouted out yet for what is growing there this year. The workshop portion took roughly 30-35 minutes. But by the time we were done with the initial trail and our guest wanting to join us on going to another nearby foraging zone afterward, we were out there for a total of 5 hours! She was very happy to receive her foraging notebook and did make some notes, take pictures of plants we pointed out to…

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    A Tea Order and A Marathon Foraging Run – Reminder of Upcoming Foraging Workshops

    Today’s foraging run is brought to you buy a custom tea request at the recent wellness fair, that was hoped to be a wild flavour version similar to Earl Grey. The purchaser liked the smell, and if the recipient likes the tea, we need to be ready for potential re-orders. For starters, plants in the Okanagan area in general, are not caffeinated. None of our research has shown any plants to contain caffeic acid, let alone to any degree. What we DO have, is a plant that when steeped too long, begins to taste much like black tea without any…

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    Foraging Workshop Dates and Registration

    Introducing Foraging Workshop dates with Ashtree Wildcrafting and Biblical Natural Health Coaching! Ashtree Wildcrafting will be present on May 19th and June 2nd, but Biblical Natural Health Coaching will be present on all four dates consisting of May 18th, 19th, June 1st and June 2nd. The workshop and tour will be held somewhere in the Central Okanagan, with locations to be announced as they are firmed up. Cost is $30 which gets you a reserved seat, a pen, a foraging notebook, and an in-person tour discovering and discussing various wild plants in the area and what they are useful for.…

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    Macerated Aromatic Oils, and the Discovery of Scented Lies

    This week, we’ve been very busy foraging around the barn property each evening. Coming home with more purple deadnettle, yarrow, discovered quite a bit of desert parsley we need to grab, and began picking arrowleaf balsomroot flowers for Ashley’s aromatic oil by maceration experiment. Apparently according to old books from over 200 years ago, this was how perfumaries got their perfume oils before distillation became the rage for making essential oils. The arrowleaf balsomroot flower has an interesting scent. It first strikes you as having a quiet vanilla scent, continue sniffing, and you discover a sweet note reminiscent of white…

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    Introducing our Latest Wildcrafted, Looseleaf Tea: Snow Drift

    Looking out across the small valley, trees look like they belong in a winter wonderland postcard. The fields’s various rises and hollows are rounded out in a fresh blanket of snow. The noise of cars going by on the nearby road is muted, somehow quieter. Cedar-tiled rooftops are dusted in snow as it collects in nooks and crannies, lending a gingerbread-style appearance to the slanted rooflines. Underneath it all, the plant kingdom sleeps. Bulbs that require overwintering are preparing for spring. Seeds that require freezing, are preparing to grow. Grass hibernates, as do various members of the animal kingdom who…

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    Tea: Snow Drift

    Description: Want a good night’s sleep?  Ingredients in this tea have been selected to aid your mind and body in winding down, relaxing, and then sleeping. This tea is a nice warm, slightly sweet, slightly fruity, slightly minty flavour.  Best enjoyed hot, but the flavour notes carry into a cold cup as well. Net Weight: 29g Tea: Snow Drift $12.00 Buy now

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    Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids – a Lesson From the Caterpillar

    Originally published over at Biblical Natural Health Coaching. Today’s article takes the concept of “One Health”, and turns it on it’s head. The string pullers want you to be scared of zoonotic diseases, also known as diseases that spread from critter to human, and they have plans to use these diseases to create pandemics to feed an agenda that turns up the heat on climate change while following established paranoia around depopulating the earth of mankind. However, it appears so far, that those who began working on “One Health” over a decade ago, may have forgotten that while the animal kingdom does…