Welcome to the Ashtree Wildcrafting Tea Shop!

Do note that at this time, online orders will be handled via email or Square exclusively.  You will notice the lock in your browser’s addressbar has a line through it, or, the info button may say this site is insecure.  For ecommerce reasons, and to prevent cross-site scripting attacks, it is highly recommended that online stores present your browser with information that says that site can be trusted.  We know we can be trusted, but it costs money to tell your browser that, so that step will come down the road once we’ve had enough sales to make the complete online experience an important investment.

Feel free to browse the shop selection below, and if you find a tea you would like to order online, please click the purchase button or send us an email to: support@ashtreewildcrafting.ca.  This is not a clickable link to reduce the spam we get in our inbox.  Please highlight it, then copy and paste it into your email compose window.  Both Square and Email will give you and us a “paper trail” keeping track of your order, shipping details, etc.

In the future once we have purchased an SSL certificate, we will offer customized teas via a form you will be able to fill out and send in to us.  If the thought of ordering a customized tea just for  you is appealing to you, be sure to tell everyone you know to order from us.  😉

Local Orders placed by residents of the Central Okanagan area, will have shipping costs refunded, and pick-up will take place at a time and place convenient for everyone.

ashtreewildcrafting-Pine Garden

Tea: Pine Garden

Description: Give yourself a balanced, calming boost with this relaxing tea high in many vitamins ...
ashtreewildcrafting orchard rose

Tea: Orchard Rose

Description: One sip will transport you to the middle of your favourite orchard among the ...
ashtreewildcrafting-morning frost

Tea: Morning Frost

Description: Fall in the Okanagan features warm days and frosty nights.  This tea perfectly captures ...
Ashtree Wildcrafting Sun Drop Tea

Tea: Sun Drop

Description: Yellow is the new black.  This amber, creamy-textured, mellow yet spritely-flavoured tea delivers soothing, ...
Ashtree Wildcrafting Stamina Potion Lite

Tea: Stamina Potion Lite

Description: You find a chest in your travels. You find a blue bottle, red bottle ...
Ashtree Wildcrafting Rail Trail Tea

Tea: Rail Trail

Description: A hint of fruit with a mellow zing A little rest this tea can ...
Ashtree Wildcrafting ValleyHills

Tea: Valley Hills

Description: Savour the aroma of the Okanagan hills and receive a shot of Vitamin C ...
Ashtree Wildcrafting Warm Hug Tea

Tea: Warm Hug

Description: Cozy up in your favourite chair by the fireplace, with this warmly-flavoured mug of ...