At the time this FAQ was written, no we do not. Government regulations require a number of certificates, inspections, and overhead that we are not yet able to accommodate.
We blend for both, but function is our higher priority. Functional blends that have a nice flavour whether it is warm, mellow, spicy, fruity, etc are considered for sale.
This answer depends on whether you want a recreational cup, or a medicinal cup. Some of our teas are purely recreational, while others can assist in dealing with various causes of ill health. Each tea on our website gives recreational steeping instructions. However, in some cases, it is possible to reach medicinal strength after steeping 15 - 30 minutes. This is on a tea-by-tea basis as some ingredients should not be steeped that long. If you have a condition you wonder if a tea might assist with, we can tell you which tea steeped for 15 to 30 minutes may be of help to you.

Do remember however, that according to Canadian law, any advice we give cannot be construed as medical expertise. Each person's body is unique and what may help one person, might not help someone else. So if in doubt, please see your holistic or naturopathic physician.

Ashtree Wildcrafting relies on seasonal foraging to build the various wild teas available for sale. Certain plants tend to be available only at certain times of year. While we do our best to harvest enough to last us through to the next growing season, a popular tea may run out of stock early if one or more of it's ingredients run out before we can harvest more. As a result, some teas may be more seasonal than others.
We offer stores a wholesale price, which they then add an operating margin to. This margin covers everything from paying staff to covering monthly expenses and finally to give the store owner a little bit of profit for having sold our tea. When you see our prices at markets and fairs, we too add an operating margin for many of the same reasons. Each store's margin is different, hence the different prices.
No! Our photos come to you largely unaltered except for occasional cropping. Lighting and colour are left entirely as-is, the only staging is the positioning of photo elements.
This particular tea is known as a potion due to the ancient dictionary definition related to a medicinal water infusion of plant-based matter. . . . And no, we do NOT pick plants during the first half-moon of the season! We pick them as time, energy, and environmental factors permit. IE: inclement weather, smoke from forest fires, etc.
Local orders placed by residents of the Kelowna area can arrange for pick-up/drop-off times and locations if they wish to have their paypal shipping fee refunded rather than have their order shipped to them. Please contact to make such arrangements before ordering.
Some of our teas are friendly to pregnant women, others are not. Please see warning tabs on our teas in the Tea Shop. A list created in December 2019 may be of some assistance with this as well.