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    Tea: Pine Garden

    Description: Give yourself a balanced, calming boost with this relaxing tea high in many vitamins and minerals, most notably Vitamins A and C. The scent is equal parts warm, sharp, and mellow. Has a sharp, bitter taste unsweetened after only 3 min steep time, and a more enjoyable warm, mellow flavour unsweetened after 10 min steep time. Special Order Only: Due to our access to a couple ingredients in this tea each bag is made when ordered. Net Weight:  22+g Tea: Pine Garden $12.00 Buy now

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    Yarrow: What It Is, How We Use It

    You can find it in the grocery store and on the shelves of your local healthfood store too. But did you know you can probably find it in your backyard as well? Yarrow is a “weed” that grows well across the entire northern hemisphere! In the Okanagan, it is common to see its white or pale yellow flower heads in the late Spring/early Summer, but it’s feathery leaves can be harvested almost year-round depending on growing conditions. Those leaves are classified as ever-green, so even if it snows and you know where to look, you can harvest them even in…