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    Catnip: What it Is, How We Use It

    It grows wild all over the Okanagan. It is known to make cats go crazy. It can be smoked like cannabis but is not related even remotely, nor has any kind of intoxicating result. This plant actually belongs to the mint family! Whenever we’ve tried to give this plant to our cat, he’s a) acted like it’s an intruder and to be treated warily, and b) the one time he couldn’t get away from it, he got worried and scared that he couldn’t seem to control himself. This plant has been known to sedate felines as well.  Our cat’s reaction…

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    Alfalfa: What It Is, How We Use It

    Cows eat it. Horses eat it. Humans eat it as a sprout. Of course if you’re pregnant, at risk for Lupus, or on blood thinning medication, you may want to steer clear of this widely and commercially-grown herb in both it’s seed and sprout forms, at least in large quantities. Unfortunately, Alfalfa sprouts sold in stores do not carry this warning, and it would appear you do need to eat it fairly frequently to risk the complications that can arise. Even in horses, too much Alfalfa can cause health problems due to the sugar content. So if eaten in moderation…

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    Nettle: What it is, How We Use It

    Nettle, otherwise known as “Stinging Nettle”, grows all over the Okanagan Valley! This wide-ranging plant, best known for how it makes your skin feel if you accidentally brush past it, has an amazing array of beneficial uses in human daily life. It is best harvested while wearing long-sleeves and long pants or jeans, fully-enclosed footwear and gloves. Garden sheers can help trim only the parts of the plant you want. If you are in a zone where someone absolutely wants the plant gone, taking the entire plant roots and all will help both you and the property owner. Side note:…

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    Tea: Sun Drop

    Description: Yellow is the new black.  This amber, creamy-textured, mellow yet spritely-flavoured tea delivers soothing, calming nutrition amid the stress of your day. Why the Name: This particular tea has more of an amber glow to it than our other teas.  Combine that with the creamy texture nettle adds to the liquid, the calming effect this tea has on one’s system, and our choice of display medium, and the name Sun Drop was chosen.  Enjoy. 🙂 Net Weight:  20+g Price: $12 + shipping Tea: Sun Drop $12.00 Buy now