Ashtree Wildcrafting Warm Hug Tea

Tea: Warm Hug

Ashtree Wildcrafting Warm Hug TeaDescription:

Cozy up in your favourite chair by the fireplace, with this warmly-flavoured mug of tea.  Great for cold winter nights and cool Autumn days.

Net Weight:  20+g

Price: $12 + shipping

  1. Shake container to ensure contents are re-mixed as settling does occur. Stir with a clean spoon or popsicle stick to re-mix if you wish as well.
  2. Add 1 tsp to a tea ball or bit of cheese cloth wound tight with string.
  3. Place in mug of hot (not boiling) water.
  4. Let steep to taste, generally 3 to 5 minutes or longer if you desire.
  5. Strain or remove teaball and add unpasteurized honey if desired.
Do not let steep longer than 15 minutes maximum. Oils found in conifer needles can be toxic in large enough quantities. The amount of Fir in each single-cup teaspoon is not enough to be a problem if steeped for the recommended time. NOTE: This tea is safe for pregnant or nursing women if prepared within these guidelines.
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